Cells With Nucleus (Eukaryotes)

1300 million years
or 317 meters to today

Geolo­gi­cal era: Protoerozoic/Ectasium

Towards the end of this age, cells appear for the first time which, unlike bacte­ria, have a real cell nucleus in which their gene­tic mate­rial is stored in a more protec­ted way. The divi­sion of the cell inte­rior into seve­ral compart­ments also enables the sepa­ra­tion of diffe­rent chemi­cal reac­tions and the accu­mu­la­tion of storage substances.

Among the first cells of this type are unicel­lu­lar red algae, which will later also colo­nise the land.

Geolo­gi­cally, the forma­tion of the super­con­ti­nent Rodi­nia begins. During the 200 million years of ecta­sium, the CO2 deple­tion of the atmo­sphere leads to repea­ted ice ages. These phases, in which the land masses are thic­kly covered with ice, alter­nate with tropi­cal periods.

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