Supporting Skeleton of the Plants

350 million years
or 85 meters to today

Geolo­gi­cal era: Paleo­zoic / Carboniferous

Plants form the stable subs­tance lignin as a suppor­ting frame­work and for protec­tion. This mecha­ni­cal pulp enab­les plants to grow tall. For a long time, there are no orga­nisms capa­ble of decom­po­sing it. The plants do not rot, but turn into coal. The CO2 content of the air decre­a­ses, the oxygen content incre­a­ses. There­fore insects can become very large and colo­nize the new forests.

Eurame­rica (Laurus­sia) and Gond­wana collide to form the new super­con­ti­nent Pangaea. In Eurame­rica, tropi­cal condi­ti­ons prevail, while the land masses lying at the South Pole are cove­red by an incre­a­singly thick ice sheet. The forma­tion of ice causes sea levels to fall.

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