Flowering Plants

130 million years
or 25 meters to today

Geolo­gi­cial era: Meso­zoic / Cretaceous

The deve­lo­p­ment of flowe­ring plants probably began about 200 million years ago, with some plants crea­ting multi­ple copies of their entire gene­tic mate­rial in an indi­vi­dual (polyplo­idy). Further chan­ges in the multi­plied chro­mo­so­mes led to the forma­tion of flowers. This deve­lo­p­ment must have taken place several times, which is shown by the large number of basic flower construc­tion plans.
Howe­ver, the oldest fossi­li­zed flowe­ring plants are only about 130 million years old and very sparse, so their deve­lo­p­ment is not yet well unders­tood. They may have evol­ved from ferns that have been around for 400 million years. The flowe­ring plants influ­ence the deve­lo­p­ment of insects and vice versa.

The climate is consist­ently warm. The coun­try is ice-free, there­fore the sea level is high. The atmo­s­phere contains 1.5 times more oxygen and 4 times more CO2 than today. Gond­wana conti­nues to break apart. Austra­lia sepa­ra­tes from Antarc­tica and Africa from South America, India also splits off.

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