235 million years
or 57 meters to today

Geolo­gical era: Meso­zoic / Triassic

Some of the amphi­bi­ans are devel­op­ing into reptiles better adap­ted to life on the land. These include early dino­saurs. Massive volcanic erup­tions caused the fifth mass extinc­tion 200 million years ago. This cata­strophe claimed 50% of all aquatic organ­isms and 30% of land-living organ­isms. As a result, dino­saurs conquer the planet.

The illus­tra­tion shows a Tyran­no­saurus rex attack­ing a Triceratops.

The climate is hot and dry. Deserts and arid plains char­ac­ter­ize the centre of the super­con­tin­ent Pangaea, to the north and south there are extens­ive forest areas. The poles are ice-free. At the end of the Trias­sic, Pangaea begins to break apart.

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