505 million years
or 123 meters to today

Geolo­gi­cal era: Paleo­zoic / Cambrian

The oxygen content in the sea rises shar­ply, and within 5–10 million years most of the blue­prints for the crea­tures that still exist today are crea­ted. Fish are the first crea­tures with an inter­nal skele­ton and flexi­ble spine. They are “two-sided animals”. This cons­truc­tion plan is so successful that the age of fish begins. The foun­da­tion for the deve­lo­p­ment of all other verte­bra­tes, inclu­ding humans, is thus laid.

During the Cambrian, the earth’s climate beco­mes warmer and warmer. The polar caps melt, and the sea level rises shar­ply. Finally, the conti­nents are largely floo­ded by shal­low seas. The land masses are mainly loca­ted in the southern hemi­sphere. Exten­sive deserts stretch out in their inte­rior. The climate is hot and humid.

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